Distribution BOOK "PIONEERS IN THE HOUSE" 01-04-2016

Foto's in the studio of Fresh FM in Den Hague (Holland) at the distribution of the book: Pioneers in the House.

Yesterday i was in Den Haag in the studio of Fresh fm to receive a copy of the book " Pioneers in the House" from Ronald Tukker (Author of the book).

A book which tells the story of the first pioneers in dance music around the 80-90s in Holland and Belgium. Specialy written for those behind the success of the famous groups in that time. (Producers)

It was nice to see all the old colleges and big names together DJ Robin Albers (Jay Dee), DJ Guan Elmzoon (Allstar Fresh / King B), Martin boer (2Brothers on the 4th floor) and many more.
Proud to be part of it

You can order the book at http://www.Bol.com

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